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The product structure is diverse and suitable for more industries

Endurance plate, acrylic plate, organic plate, sunshine plate, diffusion plate, light guide plate, anti-glare plate, aluminum plastic plate can be processed

Non - standard custom processing, product adaptation is stronger

Drawing, sample, processing, professional customization of non-standard products, more in line with the needs of personalized products in various fields

Professional personnel training, enterprise sustainable development

The factory carries out the strategy of training specialized personnel, and the technical support is the fundamental to drive the continuous progress and healthy development of the enterprise with talents

Production and sales integration, cost advantage is obvious

Focusing on plate production and r&d business for many years, in-depth study of industrial trends and customer demand, continuous innovation, continuous improvement

With transportation hubs, transportation costs are lower

Shanghai economic corridor location advantage zone, the industrial foundation development is good, the transportation facilities are perfect, the delivery time is faster

Select high-quality raw materials, strictly control the production process, to ensure product quality. Quality tree image, to win the market by word of mouth

Strict quality control, stable quality cornerstone



Shanghai haidao hui new material technology co., LTD. Is a molding enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and processing of polycarbonate PC endurance plate. The company is located in qingpu district, Shanghai. At present, shimahui company has achieved good results and reputation in the field of PC board processing. Shimahui for the expansion of the service field, has formed can provide customers with a variety of types of PC board customized processing services enterprises. Moreover, in order to better serve the customers and the market, we have specially introduced many sets of plastic sheet deep processing equipment, and at the same time can provide (PMMA) acrylic sheet, PET sheet, PETG sheet, PVC sheet, PP sheet, PS or...



Color polycarbonate board

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Transparent light guide plate

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Scatter plate

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Polycarbonate PC sheet

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Coloured plastic sheet

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Tawny acrylic panels

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Tic-tac-toe PC sunshine board

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Dovetail silk

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