1. Installation method:

1. Check the frame, the surface must be flat, without burrs, weld scars, etc.; the paint on the frame must be completely dry, and no volatile solvents should remain.

2. Lay the EPDM special lower rubber strip on the skeleton, and pay attention not to contact the adhesive strip and the skeleton adhesive with the sun panel to avoid corrosion.

3. Put the solar panels in place, the gap between the panels must meet the requirements of thermal expansion and contraction of the panels, and the ends of the panels should be sealed with special tape.

4. Embed the EPDM adhesive strip into the aluminum profile.

5. Use self-tapping self-drilling screws or other fastening nails for assembly and fixing.

6. Contact the technical department of the company for details.

2. Precautions for hollow sun panels

1. During installation, the construction organizer must clearly understand the text instructions and precautions printed on the protective film, and explain it to the operator, paying special attention to the standard of which side is facing outward. Don't make a mistake.

2. Before installation, do not remove the protective film. Only lift the protective film about 50mm along the edge of the board. Immediately remove the protective film after installation. If it is necessary to continue to protect the board surface, first remove the film and then cover the protection again. membrane.

3. The viscous substance of the sealing material should not damage the PC solar panel.

4. The sealing tape should have good weather resistance, and should not lose its viscosity and mechanical strength for a long time.

5. Do not polish or clean the solar panel with strong alkali, and do not wipe the surface with a hard brush to avoid roughening.

3. Storage and transportation of hollow solar panels

1. Store indoors, never allow direct sunlight or rain

2. Stack by hand, and the stacking height should not exceed two meters. No heavy objects should be pressed on the board, and no hard objects should be placed between the boards.

3. The storage room must be kept clean and dry to avoid dust intrusion. Other chemical substances should not be stored in the room at the same time.

4. During storage, the protective film shall not be damaged or removed.

5. When transporting, it must be placed flat on a clean flat pallet with an area larger than the plate. If necessary, it should be properly tied to avoid vibration and sliding. Pay attention to protecting the edge of the plate from damage and keeping the double-sided protective film intact.

Fourth, the cleaning method of the hollow solar panel

1. When cleaning, it must be washed with warm water below 60°C.

2. Neutral detergents should be used for cleaning, and detergents that can corrode the sun panels are not allowed.

3. It is required to gently scrub with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral liquid. It is forbidden to use coarse cloth, brush, mop and other hard and sharp tools for cleaning.

4. When grease, wet paint, tape marks, etc. appear on the surface, use a soft cloth to wipe with alcohol.

5. The dirt under cleaning must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water.

6. Finally, dry and polish the surface of the board with a clean cloth, and there should be no obvious water marks.

pay attention:

Unsuitable cleaning agents are alkaline solutions, which will corrode the surface of the board. Prohibition of esters, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons

Classes and all substances that can dissolve or swell polycarbonate.